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Report: Theo Hernandez passes the AC Milan medical tests

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According to Sky Sports Italy, Theo Hernandez just passed his AC Milan medical test and will become a Rossoneri player in the next few hours.

The rumors are no longer just speculation, Theo Hernandez will become the latest AC Milan transfer over the next few hours.

The Spanish player was spotted by several cameras talking to Paolo Maldini last week, they were discussing the possibility of Theo becoming a Rossoneri.

The Italian club is currently trying to build a more competitive squad that can play for the Serie A title against Juventus and other clubs in Italy.

Theo Hernandez is one of the options that the club had on their agenda, but Maldini wanted to speak directly with the player first.

Apparently, Hernandez reached an agreement with the club and AC Milan did the same with Real Madrid.

Los Blancos are currently looking for the best destination of many players that Zidane doesn’t want in his squad.

They already sold Marcos Llorente for €40 million, Mateo Kovacic for €50 million, and now they just completed the transfer for Theo Hernandez for €20 million.

Florentino Perez’s plan is going perfectly as he predicted, he won’t keep any of the players who are considered dead weight at the club and Theo was one of them.

The Spanish full-back was spotted this Monday by Sky Sports in Milano, he was coming out of a clinic where he passed the medical test for the Rossoneri club.

Now that we know Hernandez is already in Milano, it is only a matter of hours before his transfer is made official by both institutions.

The month of July will be packed with several transfer movements that will rock the transfer market to the core.

Theo is just the beginning of a long list of players who will leave their current clubs.