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Report: United and Juve agree on Dybala-Lukaku trade

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According to a report from Sky Sports Italy, Man United and Juventus reached an agreement for a swap between Dybala and Lukaku.

We didn’t want to say anything earlier on Tuesday but, Paulo Dybala’s agent has been negotiating a swap deal with Romelu Lukaku between Man United and Juventus.

The news broke early during the morning but we had a feeling that even bigger news was eventually going to drop, an explosive report did drop during the night.

According to Sky Sports in Italy, the Argentine player is very close to becoming a new Manchester United player after the Red Devils reached a trade deal for striker Romelu Lukaku.

It appears that the Old Lady is willing to send one of their best players to England for the Belgian international, who had been courted by Internazionale Milano during the last couple of weeks.

This sudden move from Juventus appears to be a strategy that will prevent the Nerazzurri from signing a great striker, which will help them maintain their dominance in Italian football next season.

The reigning Serie A champions accepted the swap deal with Manchester United, but the club still needs to reach an understanding with a player who doesn’t want to leave his club.

Convincing Paulo might prove difficult for various reasons, the first one being that the Red Devils won’t play the Champions League next season.

The biggest obstacle that Manchester United has to sign Paulo Dybala is quite simple really, the player knows that staying at Juventus next season will secure him a chance to win the Champions League.

The Italian giants have been very busy during this transfer window, they signed an important number of talented players who will certainly improve the team’s level of performance in European football.

Ever since they closed the deal for Matthijs de Ligt, Juve are considered title contenders in every competition they will play.

It is pretty obvious that Dybala won’t accept leaving this incredible place where he can win everything, but his current club might not give him an option.

The Mancunian side accepted that new players would come to the club this summer earlier in the week, but manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer refused to divulge any names.

There is a good chance that the Argentine player refuses to be part of this deal, but the English club does have a strategy with which they might “kill two birds with one stone”.

If they pull off what we are about to tell you, the Red Devils might become one of the most dangerous teams in the Premier League next season.

The Paul Pogba effect.

The way to convince Paulo Dybala to change his club will be through his heart, the Argentine lived his best moments as a Juventus player when he had Pogba by his side.

The Red Devils are planning to convince both Paulo and Paul that playing together again is the most appealing option for both.

If the club’s board manages to convince the two players, they won’t only bring one of the best Argentine players in the world to their team.

If Dybala comes to Manchester United thinking that he will play with Paul Pogba again, this might be the brilliant move that will convince the Frenchman that staying a Red Devils is his best choice available at the moment.

After all, Pogba knows that he still needs to prove himself to all the Mancunian fans who believe he only came for money.

Having Dybala by his side will increase United’s chances to not only win the Europa League next season, but also finish in the Premier League’s Top Four.

As they say, the ball is currently on Paulo Dybala’s court and he is the one who holds the key to more than one player’s future.

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