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Report: Zidane could resign as the Real Madrid manager

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Given the climate that has been brewing over the last couple of weeks, an explosive report suggests Zidane might quit Real Madrid.

We previously told you that Zinedine Zidane going back to Real Madrid after the immaculate way he left was a terrible idea.

We could already see the problems that would emerge, mainly between the Frenchman and Florentino Perez.

These disagreements started emerging since 2018 during Zidane’s third season as the coach, he began contradicting the president on several aspects of his decisions.

If there is something that Perez truly hates, is having a manager going against what he does to improve the squad.

Florentino has always been the type of chairman who micro-manages the company, he can never leave a manager to work on his own because he always likes having the last say on several decisions.

When Zidane started catching wind of this MO from Perez, he immediately made the decision to resign without really explaining himself.

But ‘Zizou’ is a true Madridista, he came back to help the squad when they needed him the most.

Zidane was deceived by Florentino when they discussed the terms of his return, he was assured that he would have full control of transfers and that Perez would stay away from his decision-making process.

The manager was also promised a certain number of players, and the most important name didn’t come.

The Paul Pogba conundrum.

The biggest issue that Zidane currently has with Florentino Perez right now is his inability to agree on paying as much as needed for Paul Pogba.

This is the central problem that the French manager has encountered during this transfer window, this might even be the ultimate reason that pushes ‘Zizou’ away from Los Blancos again.

Not signing Paul Pogba has been the most problematic aspect of the manager’s second term at Real Madrid.

Perez has the money to pay for the French midfielder, but he simply refuses to pay more than €160 million for the player.

The reason for this is very simple, Florentino doesn’t think Pogba is worth that much money and Zidane does.

In fact, the gaffer believes that Paul is the one missing piece from his puzzle and not having him could jeopardize his entire plan to compete for trophies this season.

Clearly, getting players such as Luka Jovic or Eden Hazard wasn’t enough for him to think he can actually win titles.

Paul Pogba’s contribution to the squad is so crucial, that he is already considering his future before the season even starts.

A report from The Independent confirms that the Real Madrid coach could resign as the manager early in the season due to these problems.

The other problems Zidane has with Florentino.

Apart from the central issue that is Paul Pogba, Zidane has many more problems with Florentino Perez that he needs to solve.

The chairman can’t understand why both of them disagree on so many details regarding the players.

We will start in the back with goalkeepers, Zidane obviously prefers Keylor Navas above Thibaut Courtois and Florentino likes the Belgian better.

The coach believes Marcelo can still perform at the top of his game, whereas Perez was extremely happy with Sergio Reguilon’s presence until Zidane asked him to sell the player.

The chairman also signed several young talents who are very promising, but Zidane appears to reject every single one of them because he doesn’t think they are ready for a higher form of competition.

Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo Goes, and Takefusa Kubo’s futures appear completely uncertain at the moment due to the disagreement between manager and president.

Things are escalating to a place where one of the two might end up snapping, the more likely candidate to do that is Zidane.

The Frenchman feels deceived and powerless in front of Florentino, it’s almost as if he was a novice manager who didn’t know what he was doing.

Should Zidane remain as the Real Madrid manager or resign? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.