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Report: Zinedine Zidane could also want N’Golo Kante

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Following his policy of signing French players for Real Madrid, it has been reported that Zidane might like N’Golo Kante.

As we continue with our never-ending conversation about Real Madrid’s possible targets, we just found out about Zinedine Zidane possibly liking N’Golo Kante for his squad.

Given that Paul Pogba’s arrival has delayed so much and it may not even happen, the French manager already started looking for a possible replacement.

As some of you may have noticed, ‘Zizou’ feels more comfortable with players who actually speak either his language or Spanish.

He already signed a Belgian player, a French player, and the ones with whom he gets along the best are probably his compatriots.

The most coveted player for him has been Paul Pogba since he started coaching the club, which is why he wants to look for an alternative.

Asking amongst the former Chelsea stars, Zidane was reportedly told by Courtois and Hazard that Kante is a perfect addition to the squad.

We have to say that there is no going wrong with the central midfielder, N’Golo has been a good luck charm in every single club he’s played so far.

In fact, the man has won trophies during the last 4 consecutive years with his clubs and his country.

This is exactly the kind of good luck that Real Madrid needs right now, it’s natural that Zidane would view Kante’s arrival as a possibility.

Chelsea wouldn’t like to sell one of their best players to Real Madrid, but they may not have a choice for next season if the French manager convinces the midfielder.

Any player from France has Zinedine Zidane as his ultimate idol, especially the ones from this generation and Kante is no exception.

A report from The Athletic confirms that the Real Madrid coach is already looking into the possibility of making this transfer happen next summer.

There are still no specifics about how much he could cost, but central midfielders aren’t usually that expensive.

However, we can definitely see Kante breaking a record with an overpriced transfer due to the impressive resume he has.

This man was a key player in Leicester City’s only Premier League success, he’s been essential for all of Chelsea’s titles since he arrived to play for the Blues.

Plus, he was also one of the most important footballers when France conquered the most recent FIFA World Cup last year.

There is no way that Chelsea would let him leave for a price that isn’t under €90 million at least, N’Golo Kante is easily considered a Top 3 amongst the best central midfielders in the world.

Kante is nothing like Pogba.

Even though Zidane might be changing his mind about Paul Pogba’s arrival with the chance of signing Kante, we have to state that N’Golo is not the same player compared to the Manchester United star.

The Chelsea midfielder has a much more defensive attitude towards the game compared to Paul, he can be compared more to Sergio Busquets or Casemiro.

However, last season was a very special learning experience for this player during the time in which he was coached by Maurizio Sarri.

The Italian manager brought Jorginho with him from SSC Napoli, which forced him to use Kante as a winger in a more offensive position.

Even though he didn’t look comfortable in this new role at first, N’Golo’s predisposition to learn overcame his lack of skill in this position.

This experience made him a better player and taught him new things about his own game, this is something that Zidane must value when he studies the player for a future transfer.

Signing Kante is really a no-brainer for any club in the world, they would be getting a safe bet regardless of how much he costs.

Also, getting this specific player could also change the club’s most recent fortune when it comes to fighting for trophies.

N’Golo truly is the ultimate “Rabbit’s Foot” when it comes to luck for his team.

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