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Reus doesn’t know if Sancho can be as good as Ronaldo

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During a press conference ahead of the German Supercup, Marco Reus spoke about Sancho’s real chances to become Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has been an example for entire generations that include Jadon Sancho. The English forward came up at the Watford academy and enjoyed the Portuguese star’s football at Man United when he was a kid. Now that he is a young star in the Bundesliga, there are many comparisons drawn.

Some people compare his game to Neymar’s, but there are some who want to make a comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo. For Marco Reus, it’s still a bit soon to start speaking Sancho’s name in the same sentence as the Juventus frontman. In fact, the Englishman’s game is quite different from the Juventus star but it can evolve over time.

Reus wanted to praise his teammate ahead of a crucial game against Bayern Munich in the German Supercup. Borussia Dortmund has a unique chance to prevent the Bavarians from trying to win all six trophies they are fighting for throughout 2020. 

Sancho will be key for them against Bayern. 

There is no doubt that Jadon Sancho will be one of the key players against Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Alongside Erling Haaland, he is one of the few with the necessary skill to help his side beat the reigning champs. However, comparisons to players like Messi or Ronaldo right now can only hurt his further development. Marco Reus knows this.

“For us players that was great news that he stays at Dortmund. We were all happy that he will be with us for the season,” said Reus on Sky Germany.

“Also because he delivers points for the team. Goals, assists – in the end, that translates to a lot of points. He is an essential player for us. If he will be as great of a player as Ronaldo, only time will tell. He needs a little bit of time, many experiences.

“There will surely be phases in his career where things will not go as smoothly as now, and we will see how he is going to deal with something like that. But I believe that he has the confidence and of course the quality to do that.”