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Revealed: Barcelona still reward their past players

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Barcelona remain loyal to their past players who brought the club to the level at which they are now.

Barcelona is indeed ‘more than a club.’ One of the biggest attractions of FC Barcelona is its culture. And the family-like bond it has with the players. It has been revealed that the Spanish giants still pay the players who helped them achieve European glory.

The Blaugrana’s past president Joan Laporta promised to award all the players with a lifetime salary who were involved in European glory for the club. This reward was inspired by Leo Messi’s goal at the 2009 UCL final in Rome.

More than 290 players get the benefit of the promise. One of the recipients of the president’s reward, Juan Carlos Heredia, recently revealed how it came into effect.

“When Barcelona won the Champions League final in Rome against United with a goal from Messi, the club president [Joan Laporta] declared that all those who were European champions with Barcelona were going to receive a salary for life. And he fulfilled it,” Heredia said as reported by Marca.