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Revealed: Leeds United confirms offer from Al-Khelaifi

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Turns out that Manchester City could have competition in English football, Nasser Al-Khelaifi is trying to buy Leeds United.

Remember when Leeds United was one of the most competitive sides in English football?

Well, those days may be back sooner than you think after new revelations of Nasser Al-Khelaifi came forward this week.

Leeds‘ owner Andrea Radrizzani just spoke to The Times about the serious offers he has on the table to sell his club.

Turns out that one of those offers is from none other than the PSG chairman himself, the numbers weren’t discussed but there was a very specific quote from Radrizzani that is very revealing.

If Leeds United was actually bought by Nasser, that would mean Leeds could instantly become a top title contender overnight.

Think of Chelsea when Abramovich bought it, or PSG, or Manchester City. Oil money is a serious business, and somebody like Nasser has a lot to spare.

This opens up a whole new debate about owners who have more than one club throughout Europe, Nasser is already responsible for PSG.

However, the man who owns the French giants is the Sheik from Qatar.

If this offer from Al-Khelaifi comes from his own pocket, then he won’t have a problem to compete against Manchester City in the Premier League.

We can already start speculating about the possibilities because having a new player in the mix is always exciting.

“I have been approached by more than 20 parties and I have selected these three,” Radrizzani told The Times.

“The option of Qatar Sports Investment and Nasser — first of all they are friends, we have had a good relationship for a long time. Secondly, they have the possibility to bring this club to compete with Manchester City, so for the fans that could be a fantastic opportunity.”

“The second is based in America, he’s a big fan of Leeds United since he was a child, and I like that.”

“Another one is the owner of an Italian club. With another club you can create synergy to be more competitive and to target the Premier League — we could maybe get a loan to increase the quality of the team.”

“Getting Leeds United to the Premier League is very expensive, I invested over £90 million — with this level of money you could own a Europa League club in most of the European leagues, including Italy,” he continued.

“The club makes losses, in this league it is impossible not to. We are still paying the consequences of my first year because I was inexperienced and we made some expensive mistakes with players.”

“But we haven’t stopped investing. Bielsa and his staff cost £6 million [a year], we bought many other players and I think we have a squad to be promoted.”

“It’s financially not sustainable to keep this level of salary which is now over £30 million, probably £33 million with Marcelo and closer to £40 million with the coaches.”

Leeds would make three clubs owned by moguls.

This possible purchase also begs the question of how competitive can the other clubs be with these giants playing against them.

Economically, clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and other clubs are doomed to compete against giant corporations and states.

It’s not the same having a club that is run by owners with not as much power, to running a club with power from a whole country.

This new development could change the landscape overnight throughout Europe, as the possibility of this new competitor will attract the best players to their corner.

We still have no idea if the deal will go through, but the mere fact that the owner is already talking about the offer means he is at least considering it.

There will be a lot of different opinions about the matter, we still have no idea what Marcelo Bielsa thinks about this.

However, Leeds United already has one of the best managers out there to lead them into a new Premier League season after so many years.

It would be very exciting watching this historic club returning to the top.

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