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Revealed: Messi was afraid of Neymar going to Madrid

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Turns out that even Leo Messi believed that Neymar would sign for Real Madrid last summer, that’s why he pushed for his return.

More revelations just came to light in regards to Leo Messi pushing for Neymar’s return to Barcelona, he did it out of fear that Real Madrid would sign the Brazilian.

There were several moments in the summer when everybody thought that Florentino Perez would come after Neymar, especially because he wanted to leave PSG at all costs.

The return to FC Barcelona was his main priority, but there was a feeling that he could say yes to Real Madrid if the Catalan club didn’t sign him.

This was something that even Lionel Messi feared, he recently revealed it in an interview with RAC1, he spoke about the whole drama with his friend.

There were rumors of Messi pushing the FC Barcelona board to go after Neymar, but it turns out that he did it out of fear.

It was clear that any club that signed the Brazilian would instantly become a title contender.

But the problem with getting to this player was always the same for any club, his price was way above what he was actually worth at the time.

We need to understand that Neymar lost a lot of prestige during the last two years, this is why no club wanted to make an effort to sign him.

Whoever made the decision would take a giant risk, even Real Madrid and Florentino Perez.

The push from Leo Messi was quite evident, he obviously preferred having Neymar back at his club than watching him wearing white at Real Madrid.

His intervention in the transfer was purely strategic, but there was a moment when everything was out of his hands.

There was even a time when we all believed that Neymar would make a decision to play for Real Madrid, even the press from Madrid started talking about it.

But for some reason, Neymar refused to play for Los Blancos and wait for Barcelona’s resolution.

“I honestly thought for a moment during this transfer market, that Neymar would go to Madrid if he didn’t come to Barcelona because he really wanted to leave PSG,” said Leo to RAC1.

“Neymar talked about this repeatedly, he wanted a change in his career and leave Paris. I really believed that Florentino and Madrid would do something in order to sign him last summer.”

We all know what ended up happening, but this might be another clue to what actually happened.

Perez never intended to pay too much money for Neymar, he didn’t want to look like the president who brought a player who wasted his career through poor choices.

Now that a little time is passed, we know that not signing Neymar was a complete mistake from Real Madrid.

This is a player who could’ve changed a lot of things for Los Blancos, his quality is undisputed.

Messi also defended Dembele.

During the same interview, Lionel Messi also came out to defend Ousmane Dembele after his red card against Sevilla.

During that game, the French player was sent off by Mateu Lahoz for insulting the referee.

However, Messi doesn’t think the decision was fair due to the player’s language barrier.

“It is very difficult that Dembele said that (you are terrible at your job) to the referee,” Messi added during the interview.

“He has a hard time putting together a sentence and speak properly, it’s hard to understand him when he talks.”

“That’s exactly what I tried to tell the referee. After the match, the gaffer had my back with what he told the press during the conference.”

“But it’s true, we were all surprised he understood what Dembele said so clearly. The truth is that Ousmane still has a hard time speaking Spanish.”

“Although he does communicate well and understands everything, it’s very hard for Mateu to understand him so clearly. But that’s just the way everything went down,” he concluded.

Messi will have a couple of weeks off during the international break, he is still suspended from all international activity after his behavior during the Copa America.

This will be a perfect time for Leo to prepare even better for the return of La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

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