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Revealed: The reason why Klopp rejected Man United

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool
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Phil Thompson has revealed the reason why Jurgen Klopp rejected Man United for Liverpool.

Ever since Jurgen Klopp stepped inside Anfield, the rust that had settled on the long-forgotten champions  have started to wear off. Klopp lifted the broken Liverpool ship, calibrated the sails, adjusted the wind, and set on on a long journey to conquer Europe. And so he did.

Recently, speaking to TV2, Phil Thompson revealed the reason why the German manager rejected Manchester United in the favor of their arch-rivals.

“I interviewed Klopp for Sky, and I asked if he and Liverpool were created for each other. He looked at me and asked why.

“Then Klopp told me he could have taken over Manchester United, but his wife said it wasn’t right. When Liverpool arrived, his wife said it was right. There is something strange there. It is as if he’s created for Liverpool.

The former Merseyside player then went on to recall his time at the club.

“This is one of the best Liverpool teams in the club’s history. In my time we always lost three to four games [at this stage of the season], but this team leads by nine points and lost only one game last season.

“This season they have beaten everyone, except for a draw at Old Trafford. They are doing something great.”