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Rexach expresses how angry Barcelona is with Griezmann

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Right in the middle of a possible Antoine Griezmann arrival to FC Barcelona, Carles Rexach explained why he would pick Neymar over him.

Even though Neymar isn’t exactly going through the best moment of his carer, Carles Rexach would choose him over Griezmann for Barcelona.

The Catalan legend recently spoke to Cadena COPE about the possible arrival of Antoine Griezmann to FC Barcelona.

‘Charly’ revealed how angry many of the supporters still are against the Frenchman.

In case you forgot about the whole drama, Griezmann was in constant communication with the club last summer about an apparently imminent transfer.

People from the local press were already offering the exclusives of the French forward signing a new contract with FC Barcelona.

The player’s representation kept conversations with the club’s board of directors about the arrival, and Griezmann tricked everybody in the end.

The player thought it would be a great idea to transform the whole decision-making process into a documentary sponsored by Gerard Pique’s production company.

The Catalan player was completely fooled by Antoine, he also believed that the Colchoneros’ player would come to Barcelona last summer.

When Griezmann announced his decision to stay in Atletico Madrid for more money, the Catalan club’s board members that were involved in his transfer felt completely betrayed.

Griezmann had cold feet about his decision.

We understand that Antoine Griezmann might’ve been wooed by manager Diego Simeone about staying at Atletico Madrid.

It wasn’t only the boss’ convincing, it was also the massive paycheck he was getting if he decided to remain.

There were also the promises of playing the UEFA Champions League and possibly getting all the way to the final at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

But in order to get this far in the competition, the Colchoneros desperately needed their most expensive player to deliver results.

At the end of the day, Antoine didn’t live up to the expectations surrounding him and he decided to step aside from the club.

Obviously, Simeone initially refused to accept that he was losing his best player but there was nothing he could do to stop him this time.

Griezmann’s mind was made, and he apparently believes that he will play at FC Barcelona next season.

The problem with his notion that the French striker has, is that there is an important number of board members who can’t forget what he did last summer.

There is an important number of supporters who don’t trust Griezmann and simply don’t want him back.

A major voice from the Catalan club’s camp is legendary Carles Rexach, who was the manager for many seasons.

‘Charly’ was also the sporting director who brought Lionel Messi to the club when he was just a teenager.

That man is one of the people who really don’t want Griezmann coming to the club, he even prefers Neymar instead of the French player.

“I’d rather sign Neymar before I’d sign Griezmann,” said Rexach on Cadena COPE.

“Neymar now regrets leaving, but the Griezmann case is worse, because he caused a scene to stay at Atlético Madrid last year and now he wants to come to Barça, but the train only comes by once,” he added.

“We already know [Neymar’s] defects and virtues, and you’d rather have a crazy person you know than a wise man you are yet to meet.”

“Now he has realized that he has made a mistake and he has seen that in the world there are only two or three teams with the global transcendence that Barcelona has.”

“Neymar has the advantage of being a skillful player who goes deeper into opposition areas and is more complete, whereas Griezmann has a profile to play in the same position as Messi,” he concluded.


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