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Reyna explains what he expects from Dortmund

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The United States international youngster has just signed for the Bundesliga team and he wants to emulate his compatriot Christian Pulisic.

American footballer Christian Pulisic played for Borussia Dortmund and had a successful spell before leaving for Chelsea over the summer.

And now, another American wants to prove himself as he joins the Black and Yellow: United States international youngster Gio Reyna.

The 16-year-old has just signed for Dortmund and wants to emulate his compatriot.

“Obviously as a young player I’m dreaming of training with the first team again this season,” his words were quoted by the Bundesliga official website.

“And if I could play for the team, that would be incredible. It would also be a dream to play for the national team one day. That’s all still a long way away – but not too long – and I think I can make it.”

“Christian’s currently the best player in the USA,” he added.

“Obviously a player like that is a role model. He told me things might get tough, but that he loved it here and I’m sure I will too.”

Son of United States legend Claudio Reyna, Gio explains the road taken: “It’s hard, I miss my family every day.”

“My family made so many sacrifices for me. I just want to make them proud. When it came to my transfer, my dad took on the role of father, not the sporting director. He wanted the best for me. And the best thing for me was to come here.”