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RFEF demands La Liga president to resign

Javier Tebas
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The RFEF has demanded La Liga president Javier Tebas to resign for putting La Liga at economic risk.

In 2018, La Liga signed a 15-year deal with Relevant agreeing to play one match each season in the United States. La Liga considered playing Villareal’s home tie against Atletico Madrid in Florida, United States. But the Royal Spanish Football Federation is against it.

RFEF has demanded the resignation of La Liga chief. Even Madrid’s Mercantile Court has demanded La Liga to act in accordance with the higher football institutions in Spain. Below is an extract from the statements by RFEF against Javier Tebas and his actions to put football reputation in Spain at risk as Goal.com reports.

“The president of La Liga, Mr. Javier Tebas, has filed all kinds of lawsuits (criminal, civil, commercial, administrative) and appeals against the RFEF, in what is considered an attempt to justify his own mistakes.

“The leader of La Liga considers that he can act outside the Federation, however, judges, administration, etc … have found and communicated that this is not possible and that, without the authorisation of the RFEF, he cannot organise the soccer competitions in Spain.

“La Liga is a competition manager that must adapt its performance to the rules of FIFA, UEFA and RFEF. This attitude that can be considered a total disregard from the president of La Liga for the rules of FIFA, UEFA, as well as the RFEF, leading to an extremely serious situation and putting La Liga clubs themselves at risk.

“In the opinion of the RFEF, this attitude is ‘absolutely hostile and irresponsible’ against the institution that directs football in Spain and is causing damage to this sport and especially for clubs that are part of La Liga. It must cease immediately.”

RFEF can expect a final decision in February next year.