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RFEF president resolved on finishing the season

Luis Rubiales, RFEF
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Luis Rubiales suggests it would be unfair to the teams waiting for promotion or relegation if the season is ended abruptly.

Initially, Spanish top-flight football was set to remain paused for only matchdays. But the decision to put a definite full stop was made on Monday following a meeting by La Liga and Spanish Football Federation in the wake of the exponentially rising threats due to coronavirus.

The Spanish government also announced a nationwide state of emergency on March 15 putting a ban on stepping out of houses unless absolutely required.

Despite a return for La Liga seeming unlikely to happen any time soon, RFEF president Luis Rubiales is determined on seeing to the end of this season.

“The priority is to complete the season,” Rubiales said, according to Marca.

“We can’t just relegate teams now. Teams have to be promoted by right. When the country recovers, that will be the moment to complete the current season.

“The objective is to save this season. Whichever teams win or lose, they [should] do it on the field of play.”

On Tuesday, FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated that football comes second to public health. Rubiales also echoed his statements suggesting that he is willing to pause football for as long as it takes.

“Football is of very little importance right now in the global problem we have. Despite this, we have to keep working for football.

“We’ll return when it’s possible, not before.”