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Rhyan Grant: I almost died

Rhyan Grant
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Australia National team player Rhyan Grant has revealed how he almost died when an afternoon’s surf came within a breath of tragedy.

The defender who has been impressive for Australia in the 2019 Asian Cup said he was close to dying when an afternoon surf on Sydney’s Northern Beaches turned to terror.

The 27 year old Sydney stalwart only made his Australia debut a few weeks ago but already he has established himself at right back at the 2019 Asian Cup.

The Sydney FC right back told the Players’ Voice website he realised he was beyond his skillset and tried to head back to the beach after the budding surfer paddled out alone in rough seas and dragged him towards the sewage pipe which runs offshore from Collaroy beach, before another pounding wave dragged him under.

“I was dragged towards the pipe,” he told Players Voice via FTBL.

“Then a wave picked me up and smashed me down on top of it. I hit my arm, leg and ribs hard.

“But before I could feel the pain, I was under the water. I came back up and got the chance to take one last breath before I was pushed straight underneath the pipe.

“I felt my body get wedged in there, in the dark, and realised my leg rope was caught around one of the metal poles that hold the pipe up off the ocean floor.

“I was pretty frantic, as you can imagine, fighting to get up for a breath, but I couldn’t reach my ankle to get free because the surf was pushing my leg in the opposite direction to the rest of my body.

“I don’t know how long I was under that pipe but, after a while, the fight just went out of me. It seemed impossible.

“I gave up. I stopped fighting.”