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Ricardo Kaka arrived in AC Milan about 16 years ago

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This happened last week but we have to remember Kaka’s spell with AC Milan, the player who was better than Messi and Ronaldo.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known as Kaka arrived at AC Milan about 16 years ago. During that era, Kaka was signed by the Italian club when he was already 21 years old.

This player came to Europe relatively late and he made an instant impact in the squad, he scored 10 goals and provided several crucial assists on his first season.

Former president Silvio Berlusconi paid a reported €8,5 million to Sao Paulo for this player, a price he later referred to as ‘peanuts’.

It was clear that this player would become someone important in world football years later, but nobody expected him to make the massive impact he eventually made in world football.

During the six consecutive seasons that Kaka played for AC Milan, he performed at the highest level in five of them.

This is very rare for any football player around the world, maintaining that level of performance is only heard from players such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo today.

Ricardo Kaka was the only player in history who actually defeated both of these monsters in a Ballon d’Or race.

That happened when AC Milan won its first Champions League title with Kaka as their player, he previously lost one in 2005 against Liverpool.

Kaka’s breakthrough was in 2005.

During the shocking Champions League heartbreak of 2005, we could already see the beginning of Kaka’s best version.

This player was actually recognized as that competition’s best midfielder and arguably one of the most prolific players of the whole competition.

The Brazilian was unlucky in the Istanbul final because Liverpool made that ridiculous comeback, but Kaka actually delivered the assist during the third goal that put the Italians above with a 3-0 momentary result.

What happened during the second half is forgettable for all AC Milan fans, but Ricardo was going to get his revenge two years later.

As he was getting to his sweet spot with AC Milan, this Brazilian player was already considered amongst the very best players in the world at the time.

In fact, Kaka was destroying the opposition on the international stage with a Brazil squad that featured him alongside Ronaldo Nazario, Adriano, and Ronaldinho.

That team was completely ridiculous and had Kaka as one of its most hyped players during that era.

However, his level of performance grew exponentially when he played for the Rossoneri.

Kaka explodes in 2007.

By the time the 2006-07 season started, we had Ricardo Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi as the three best players in the world.

The UEFA Champions League could’ve gone to any of their clubs during that season, but Kaka was the one who performed the best in that specific competition.

Although he didn’t face Messi’s Barcelona, Kaka did play against Ronaldo’s Manchester United and he completely destroyed them in the semifinals.

When the final cam, Kaka realized he would get his revenge against Liverpool from the heartbreak he suffered two years before that game.

When the match came, AC Milan was a much better squad than the Reds because they had the Brazilian.

Kaka set Filippo Inzaghi up for the goal that gave them the trophy that season, he was at the very top of the world and nobody could deny that.

We all wish that injuries didn’t keep him from playing at that same level when he was at Real Madrid, he would’ve been a great addition to an already spectacular squad.

We only got his shadow playing for Los Blancos, only a memory of the great player that he was when he played for AC Milan.

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