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Rio Ferdinand opens up on the 2011 UCL final

Rio Ferdinand
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Rio Ferdinand recalls confronting Sir Alex Ferguson on his ‘wrong tactics’.

A lot of emotions come out in recalling the final of the 2011 Champions League. But mostly, the sad ones. Rio Ferdinand recollects one such memory involved in the dressing room.

The Red Devils were outclassed by Pep Guardiola’s high flying Barcelona back in 2011. Sir Alex Ferguson thought he had the situation under control with a plan to counter Barca’s possession game. But Rio Ferdinand though otherwise.

“The plan was to really go and meet them high, press them and try to win the ball early,” Ferdinand said on BT Sport.

“I didn’t agree. I kind of voiced my opinion, but again you’re confident in a man like Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Pressing them is hard – they done us in Rome (in 2009).”

Despite not agreeing with Sir Alex Ferguson’s tactics, Rio Ferdinand had trust in him and was doubtful of questioning him.

“It was huge (to question Ferguson),” Rio continued.

“Me and Nemanja Vidic used to speak a lot about stuff like this and I just thought we were going to get outnumbered in midfield.

“We were used to playing 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 where we would suck up some pressure and hit teams on the break.

“And I thought we could to that to this (Barcelona) team, but it just didn’t materialize. But they were the only team that I felt we had no answers for.”