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Rio Ferdinand talks about racism in football

Rio Ferdinand
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The former Manchester United defender says he offers his sympathies for his fellow countrymen who were racially abused in Montenegro.

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand says he believes racism is growing every day in the world of football.

He believes the problem is growing so much that it will take big measures to make sure it disappears forever from the sport.

“I personally would not have walked off,” Ferdinand was quoted by talkSPORT about the racial abuse suffered by some of the England national team footballers in Montenegro.

“I was involved in situations where I never walked off. I was like Raheem Sterling really.”

“I wanted to win the game, shove it back down people’s throats and hopefully the authorities would deal with it,” he added.

“Now, history tells you that the authorities don’t deal with it with the severity that it deserves.”

He continued: “So something drastic has got to happen and it might be walking off the pitch.”

“I think a manager may have to stand up and go ‘Listen, come off the pitch’.”

“And then people will not come into the stadiums and then the authorities will have to have a real look at themselves because, at the moment, it’s not happening,” he said.

“And it’s easier for the likes of Raheem, people at the top-level because they get the exposure.”

“My concern a lot of the time, is for people in the lower leagues – they get abuse and get no help,” Ferdinand concluded.