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Riquelme convinced Leo Messi to play for Boca Juniors 

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During an extended interview with TyC Sports, Juan Roman Riquelme revealed that Leo Messi agreed to play for Boca Juniors.

This is not what you think, we have to make a disclaimer that Leo Messi will likely play for Boca Juniors in December by Riquelme’s request but as a one-time thing.

The Argentine playmaker is starting his retirement tour and Boca will naturally organize a farewell match for him, one to which Leo Messi is obviously invited.

The game was confirmed by the legend himself during an interview with TyC Sports, he revealed that it will happen on December 12 this year.

To those who are not aware of that specific date, this is the official ‘Boca Juniors’ fan day’, and the club agreed to make this homage to the most important player in their recorded history.

Riquelme has won a plethora of important titles while wearing the Xeneize jersey, he played with them during two different terms and was successful in both of them.

Roman won a total of four Argentine league titles, the Intercontinental Cup, and three Copa Libertadores during his two terms in Boca Juniors.

This guy is considered an ever greater idol than Diego Maradona for this club, it was only natural that they wanted to make a farewell match to honor his incredible career with them.

But Riquelme’s career took him to Europe when he was in his prime, he also happened to wear Barcelona’s number ’10’ jersey as Messi does right now.

Although he wasn’t lucky with the Catalan club, Roman did develop a respected career while playing for Villarreal and he also formed a great friendship with Messi.

Before Leo wore Argentina’s number ’10’ jersey, Roman was the last one to do so and he is deeply honored for this.

As a die-hard Boca Juniors supporter, Riquelme obviously wouldn’t allow anybody to play in his farewell match.

However, he confessed that he will make an exception and let Messi play for his side come December.

This is more of a wet dream come true than anything else, mainly because Riquelme always wanted to see Leo wearing the jersey of the club he loves so deeply.

The Argentine legend feels humbled every time he talks about his friendship with Messi, they developed a unique relationship and they remain in contact constantly.

In fact, Messi agreed to play this match with the condition that it has to happen when Barcelona isn’t playing any competition.

There is a problem though, December 12 will be a date in which the Catalan club has many commitments.

They play against Internazionale Milano on the 10th in the Champions League, and they also play against Mallorca on a Sunday before that happens.

The hope is that the Blaugranas are already qualified to the next round and the club allows him to travel to Argentina.

Roman remains hopeful that Messi can make it.

During the extended interview, Roman spoke in detail about his relationship with Leo and he offered some details about the agreement they reached.

“I speak a lot with Leo, we always talk and he asked me to organize that game when he isn’t playing in order to be available,” said Roman during the interview.

“I saw today that he played again vs Dortmund, and I noticed he was very excited because he had never played in that stadium.”

“It was nice watching play football again. He would be the only guest that I would allow to play with us apart from the players that won those titles with me.”

“Watching Messi wearing the Boca jersey would be a dream come true. I know it’s somewhat impossible.”

“What happens to me with Boca is the same thing that happens to him with Barcelona. I really hope he can win the Champions League again.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for this game yet because it will be unique. I tried to postpone it as much as I could so my son Agustin could enjoy it more. I hope I’m ready to get in my “backyard”.”

“My two biggest regrets in football are not playing the Champions League final with Villarreal and play a lot more with Messi for Argentina. I would’ve loved helping him a little more,” he concluded.

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