Riquelme: The Libertadores final doesn’t matter anymore

Boca legend Juan Roman Riquelme, believes that the Copa Libertadores final is no longer important after the events from this Saturday.

As the whole country of Argentina is still living one of its most embarrassing moments in history, legends such as Juan Roman Riquelme are talking about the lack of importance that the Copa Libertadores final has after the events that took place this Saturday.

As we’ve been reporting all night, the second leg of this historic final had to be suspended and postponed for this Sunday after the River Plate fans decided to attack Boca Juniors’ bus as it arrived at the Monumental Stadium in the Nuñez neighborhood from Buenos Aires.

This incident was also followed by several meetings in which there were two postures, the one from Conmebol who wanted the match to be played, and the one from both clubs that felt the opportunity had passed and it needed to be postponed.

After getting together to convince the federation, both squads were finally able to convince everybody that the best decision was to not play the match and the announcement was made after several hours of the fans waiting inside the stadium.

But just like Juan Roman Riquelme said during a program for Canal 13 in Argentina, the game itself lost all of its importance because the violent people who kept creating chaos outside of the stadium turned this celebration into a surreal spectacle.

“I’m exhausted and tired of looking at everything that happened, of seeing the people throwing rocks at a bus, I can’t believe it, and the people next to them who didn’t stop them,” he told Canal 13 via Clarin.

“We should be happy that we don’t have a Boca player severely injured. In the 2015 match, the same thing happened and there were people injured or dead. They are people. This game doesn’t matter anymore. What’s important is that no players are severely injured.”

“I feel Boca is going to want to play in normal conditions, and the other team too. I have no doubt that the River manager wants to play when the Boca players are in the right condition to play. I don’t see [River boss Marcelo] Gallardo being any other way,” he added.

As things stand right now, the Buenos Aires Government still hasn’t pushed back its decision to keep the Monumental Stadium on lockdown.

River Plate will keep fighting for the game to happen on Sunday but there is still no confirmation on that, although Conmebol has stated that the game will take place without any problems.

However, the city’s Government doesn’t have the ability to reassure the safety of all the people who attend the match and several fans have already been robbed of their ticket as they left the stadium.

In reports from the local police, only five people were arrested throughout the whole incident and they will most likely be released in just a few hours.

Riquelme is completely spot on with every word he said, the Copa Libertadores final is no longer important because violence has stained it.

All that matters now is that nobody else gets hurt, and that the people who make the decisions understand that the match can’t be played on Sunday in the same stadium.

We will keep you posted on any new developments related to the match.

If not at the Monumental, which stadium should be considered to host the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final between River Plate and Boca Juniors? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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