Ritchie believes Newcastle can survive

The English Premier League is currently in the edge of the relegation zone, but this week they play against two teams at the bottom of the table.

With 25 points in 26 matches, Newcastle United is currently in the 16th position of the English Premier League table.

The Magpies is dangerously close to the relegation zone, as they are just one point ahead of 18th-place Southampton.

But this week is very important for them, as they will play against lower-table teams Huddersfield Town and Burnley.

“It would be silly to think that we don’t care,” winger Matt Ritchie told The Chronicle.

“Every player is playing for themselves, their futures, or whatever they have for themselves – but we also understand we are at a big football club in Newcastle United.”

“We want success and success in different places is different. For us, to stay in the Premier League is a success,” he continued.

“We need to keep working the way we have done. I said in an interview the other day that our performances levels have been high.”

“We have managed to pick up some points but we need to continue that.”

“We need more good performance levels. I am sure with that will come the points we required,” the midfielder continued.

Robertson believes he can give more to Liverpool

The Scottish full-back believes he can give his team more than he gave it during the 2019-2020 English Premier League season.

Newcastle’s next rivals Huddersfield are at the bottom of the relegation zone with 11 points.

And Burnley is just two points ahead of the Magpies in the 15th position.

“Every game is huge now, every week,” he said.

“Where would we be without the win over Man City? The bottom three.”

“That shows how tight it is and that every game is huge, whether they’re in the top two, top six or the bottom three – every game is huge,” he added.

“We approach every game with the mentality we can get three points. If we don’t get three we want one.”