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Rivaldo agrees on both uncalled penalties for Argentina

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In a column for Betfair, Brazilian Rivaldo agreed that VAR ruined Argentina’s chances to reach the Copa America final against his country.

As we are right in the middle of a controversy between Brazil and Argentina for the VAR blunder in the Copa America semifinal, Rivaldo gave his two cents about it.

There is a scandal brewing in Brazil ahead of the final between Brazil and Peru on Sunday, AFA already complained publicly about it.

In fact, the Argentina Football Association sent a very explicit letter to Conmebol where they fully complain about the two penalties that weren’t awarded to Argentina.

The semifinal is turning out to be a complete scandal and statements from Brazilian former players are not helping out the tournament hosts.

Rivaldo wanted to give his two cents on the matter as he’s always been fully against VAR.

In an exclusive for Betfair, the Brazilian legend seemed like he supported Argentina’s claims by slamming VAR and stating that the two penalties actually existed.

This doesn’t take away anything from the fact that Rivaldo still supports his country to win the Copa America, but he stirred up the pot a little more against Conmebol with these fresh claims.

“As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t agree with VAR technology and I believe the repeated pauses in play are ruining games,” said Rivaldo on Betfair.

“In the Copa America semi-final between Brazil and Argentina on Wednesday, there were two potential penalties for the visitors, but VAR didn’t help and Argentina were justified in complaining.”

“It probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the match, because Brazil are a better team than Argentina now, but that’s not the point.”

“VAR is also making a mess of European competitions, as we saw in this season’s Champions League, where the tool has been used more.”

“The problem with VAR is that the decision will always depend on who is watching the images in the VAR room.”

“The only real beneficiaries of VAR are the referee and his assistants who have much less responsibility on their shoulders.”

“All the weight of the game now falls to VAR assistants. Playing a final against opponents you have beaten 5-0 in the group phase will always increase your favoritism.”

“But football is not so simple, and every match is another story. Peru played a great match against Chile and ended up reaching Final after eliminating Uruguay, which was not an easy task.”

“Brazil are favorites but will find more problems than they did in the group game against Peru.”

“This is the match of Peru’s life as they haven’t won the competition for 40 years and will certainly give 110% to spoil Brazil’s party at Maracana.”

The former Barcelona player also spoke about how frustrating it must be for Leo Messi to play in a generation that doesn’t have many great players from his country.

“Right now, Lionel Messi should feel sad after fighting so much for his national team and losing yet again,” continued Rivaldo.

“Argentina hasn’t won the Copa America since 1993 and Messi wanted this title very much.”

“I’m sorry for him as he represents so much for football and it’s disappointing to see him not achieving one of the remaining goals in his career.”

“But this is how football works and many European players were also brilliant in their careers and never won anything for their national teams.”

“Messi still has two chances to win with Argentina. Next year there will be another Copa America and then there will be 2022 World Cup in Qatar, so I believe he has still two opportunities to finally won a trophy with his national team.”

“Nowadays, people only talk about Messi but in other times Argentina were known as a strong outfit with many excellent players – they were not reliant on anyone.”

“If Messi had the luck of playing for Argentina in other generation, he could have already won something.”

“When Brazil face Argentina, knowing that Messi is their best player, they can concentrate on creating a strategy to stop him,” he concluded.

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