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Rivaldo believes he could have matched Firmino’s achievements

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According to the former Brazil international, Rivaldo, if he had signed for Manchester United he would have done what Roberto Firmino has done for Liverpool.

Former Brazil national team forward, Rivaldo, played for some of the biggest names in football including Barcelona and AC Milan.

And after watching what Roberto Firmino has done in the English Premier League with Liverpool, the Brazilian believes he could have done the same if he would have signed with Manchester United.

“Roberto Firmino has become the first Brazilian player to reach 50 goals on Premier League and I must congratulate him for that achievement,” the former Blaugrana told Football 365.

“He is a player of great personality, with a particular taste for scoring goals and also very clever on his movements near the opposite goal.”

Rivaldo added: “He didn’t play in the starting 11 at the last World Cup but looks like he will have a good chance of starring for his country in 2022 because he is a top forward.”

“Perhaps if I had signed for Manchester United when I had the opportunity, I could have achieved something similar to what Firmino is doing at Liverpool.”

“Of course, it would depend on the time spent there. But I did shape my style from a creative player, who only assisted others, into someone who could also score regularly,” he commented.

“In five seasons with Barcelona I scored 130 goals, so why couldn’t I have scored 50 or so in England? I think it would have been possible after four or five seasons there.”