Rivaldo says Neymar should leave “inferior” Ligue 1

The Brazilian footballer believes the Paris Saint-Germain star should be looking to join Barcelona as soon as possible.

The world of football is shocked after Neymar has said he needs to apologize to Barcelona for leaving the team.

The Paris Saint-Germain star might be leaving the French Ligue 1 soon, and the Blaugrana club is one of the possible destinations.

And for Brazilian player Rivaldo, Neymar needs to leave the inferior French league.

“For me, [Neymar has to leave PSG], because he’s a brilliant player who made a mistake by leaving Barcelona,” Rivaldo told reporters according to Sport.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to come back now.”

“I think he’s done good things for PSG but the league is not the same. It’s not like the English league or the Spanish league,” he added.

“The French league is good but it is not so good for a player of Neymar’s level.

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Rivaldo explained: “He has to take the decision now, not wait another season. Leaving Barcelona was a very sudden and quick decision.”

“Also, the PSG president has left the door open [for him] if he wants to leave — for him or any other player.”

“Seventy percent won’t be happy with him — and will probably be annoyed with him!” he added. “But I think he has the personality to win them over,” he said.

“If he does well, scores goals, plays football like he’s always done, does his job, doesn’t go out with friends partying and makes Barcelona champions, everything will be forgotten.”


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