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Rivaldo urges Barcelona to drop Lionel Messi for Sevilla game

Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Sevilla, La Liga
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Rivaldo thinks Barcelona would be wise to leave star man Lionel Messi out of Sunday’s squad for their La Liga clash with Sevilla.

After two injury setbacks already, Messi played his first 90-minute match of the season during Barcelona’s 2-1 Champions League win over Inter Milan. Therefore, fans expect to see him in the line-up for the Sevilla clash.

Ernesto Valverde’s men are now just two points off La Liga leaders Real Madrid upon bouncing back from a low-key start.

And who better than Messi to lead the attack against Sevilla? After all, the Argentine has scored an incredible 36 goals in just 35 appearances against the Andalusians’ defence down the years.

But Rivaldo still thinks Messi might be better off giving the Sevilla game a miss as he gradually works his way back to full fitness.

“Messi’s importance in the win against Inter only reinforces my view that he has to be more protected in this phase of his career,” Rivaldo wrote on Betfair.

“He must be allowed to fully recover so that he can stop feeling any pain and lose any fear of fighting for each ball.

“He must be allowed to recover his joy on the pitch, as he is very important for Barcelona, especially when on his best form.

“Barcelona face Sevilla on Sunday in La Liga and of course Messi wants to play.

“But it could be time to reflect with the medical staff and check if playing too much time after coming back from an injury could be risky for his recovery.

“Sometimes, it might be better to just do some recovery training.

“It is an important match against Sevilla but there is a lot of the league season to play yet, so perhaps protecting the player could reap rewards later, as it would allow Messi to have some more days to recover from his midweek efforts.”