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Rivaldo wants fans to understand football is a business

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The former Brazilian footballer believes players leaving clubs and moving to another team is just life and not treason.

Former Brazilian footballer Rivaldo has come out to try to explain to football fans that moving from one club to another does not represent treason as many would think.

“Several big name players will be on the move this summer,” he told Betfair.

“With Christian Eriksen saying this week that he wants to leave Spurs, Eden Hazard set for the Chelsea exit and Antoine Griezmann on his way out of Atletico Madrid.”

“All three of these players have done great work at their clubs and I think it’s perfectly fine for them to announce that it’s time to seek another adventure,” he said.

“These are ambitious players with strong personalities and that’s a good thing.”

Rivaldo explained: “Fans understand that the player’s desire to move is not about showing disregard for the club, but just reflects their desire to move to the next stage of their careers.”

“If a player gave everything on the pitch for the club for a few seasons then I think he has the right to look for another challenge.”

“It’s already been confirmed that Luka Jovic will be joining Madrid from Eintracht Frankfurt,” he commented.

“His impact will depend on how he adapts to playing in Spain and the other signings that the club make this summer.”