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Roa the man remembered for turning down United because of armageddon

Carlos Roa
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Carlos Roa was in his prime and simply walked away from football and a dream career move due to his religious beliefs.

Roa was coming off the back of a career-changing performance at the 1998 World Cup.

Tie that together with a solid season with RCD Mallorca in La Liga. He was deemed the ideal replacement at Manchester United for the departing Peter Schmeichel.

Roa is a devout Christian and a Seven-day Adventist believed at the time in 1999 the world was coming to an end.

He admits he was deeply engaged with his faith and Bible study. It was this faith that led him to work away from football for a period of time.

Speaking to the Mirror he insists while he regrets missed opportunities, he stands by his faith and the decision he made.

Roa said:

“At that time I was very attached to religion and bible study.”

“It was a difficult decision to make but at the same time thoughtful – and my family agreed with me.”

“Many things were said back then out of ignorance and I was branded a thousand bad things.”

“The people of the club thought that I was going to go back and that they would recover a lot of money with that transfer that was about to happen.”

“Today, I still think that on a ­spiritual level it was a very good decision.”

“But in sporting terms, it wasn’t, because I left football at the best moment of my career.”

“I could have progressed a lot, with great contracts and the ­possibility of playing in England.”