Robben has very bitter memories from Anfield Road

Dutch legend Arjen Robben revealed that he has very bad memories from his past experiences while playing against Liverpool in the Champions League.

To those who don’t remember Arjen Robben’s career, the Bayern Munich Dutch winger played for three consecutive seasons at Chelsea when Jose Mourinho was the manager and he has the experience of facing against Liverpool in various tournaments’ knock-out stages.

When Mourinho transformed Chelsea into a title contender for every single competition almost overnight, the Blues did suffer painful defeats against Liverpool in the Champions League semifinals twice.

The first time this happened was in the 2004-05 season that saw Liverpool lift their fifth European Cup in history, Chelsea lost that semifinals against the Reds on a final 1-0 aggregate and Arjen Robben were a major part of this squad that Jose Mourinho wasn’t able to take all the way to the tournament’s final.

During that era, Robben was a very young player who was starting to have injury problems but already was considered one of the most exciting new talents in the world.

During Robben’s final season with the Blues, Liverpool also defeated them in the semifinals but they did it in a dramatic penalty shoot-out that left a big impression on the Dutch player’s memory after he was one of the players who missed their shot.

It was during these matches and other visits to Anfield Road that Robben knew what a difficult venue that was, Liverpool’s supporters are among the most passionate in the world and they can really turn the opponent’s visit into living hell.

“I think, if you ask [about] the worst stadium for me, it’s probably Liverpool,” the Bayern Munich Dutch winger revealed to The Guardian.

“You always have your favorite opponent and there always has to be a negative one.”

While reminiscing on the two times that he lost against Liverpool in the Champions League semifinals, Robben added: “At that time [Liverpool] were really capable of being this cup fighter team, also in the FA Cup or [League] Cup.”

“In one or two games they could really live up to it and perform; just not the whole season, which was maybe too much. That was their biggest quality: they were there at the moment they needed to be there.”

Robben says Guardiola was the best coach of his career

According to former Bayern Munich footballer, Arjen Robben, the Spanish manager had a big influence on his professional life.

“Now I think it changed and they developed really well. The manager has done a great job. Last year they were in the Champions League final and at the moment they are top [of the Premier League]. It’s a long, long time ago that they won the league and that’s the one they’re dreaming of.”

Robben is currently not going through the best period of his professional career, the Dutch player is already starting to entertain the idea of possibly retiring from football but he wants to return to fitness and deliver one final good season for the German club’s supporters.

Even if he doesn’t get to play either of both matches against Liverpool, Arjen Robben’s experience in a stadium such as Anfield Road could be very helpful for his teammates who don’t really know what to expect.

It’s safe to say that the wide favorite to win the upcoming match between Liverpool and Bayern Munich at Anfield Road next week, is Jürgen Klopp’s side without question.

However, Bayern Munich will attempt to take a positive result during the first leg in order to go back to their own stadium in Munich with a better chance to eliminate Liverpool.

But who are we kidding? Liverpool has a major chance of getting a dominant victory at Anfield Road against any club that visits them there, the supporters are feeling extra confident this season and they will do everything they can to help their team win trophies this year.

What do you expect from this Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Liverpool at Anfield Road? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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