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Robertson says Hazard is “the best player” he has come up against

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The Liverpool footballer praised the former Chelsea player after it was announced he is the new Real Madrid star.

Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson has played against Eden Hazard many times.

And now the Chelsea footballer is set to join Real Madrid, earning a lot of praise from Robertson.

“He’s probably the best player I’ve come up against in the Premier League and he deserves his move and all the plaudits he gets,” Robertson told Sky Sports.

“He’s probably one of the best in the world at the minute.”

“But it all comes back to showing him respect because of his ability but not showing him too much respect that we fear him,” he added.

“We need to try and defend him out the game but we know tough that’ll be.”

He continued saying: “We’ve not had a big result since probably England and there was still some disappointment because of the late goal.”

“Since then, the big nations have turned us over if we’re being honest,” he commented.

“We need to try and make ourselves hard to beat against the top nations again.”

Robertson concluded: “When I first came into the squad, the top nations didn’t like playing against us and they might have got the results but they knew they had to work for it and that’s what we need to get back to.”

“If we can frustrate them and if things aren’t going their way then that’s when we build our confidence and we have people on the park who can cause them problems too, you just never know.”