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Roma cannot challenge Juve: Roma VP

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According to Mauro Baldissoni, the team is making a lot of changes, but they know they have years to catch up to the Bianconeri.

For the eighth season in a row, Juventus has lifted the Italian Lega Serie A Scudetto.

And while their rivals are trying to catch up, some of them say it will be almost impossible.

At least this is what Roma vice-president Mauro Baldissoni believes.

“It is clear that it is a crucial issue, many people like Claudio Ranieri say so,” he talked about a new Roma stadium according to Calcio Mercato.

“In modern football, it is essential to become competitive.”

“Without the stadium, the horizon remains complex and cannot be excelled without a revenue accelerator. We can never challenge Juve,” he added.

“If in the long run we will not be allowed to excel then he might think that it is not worth doing. But for a long time, he will leave no stone unturned.”

He was also asked about Francesco Totti, who quit Roma after 30 years with the team.

“​It would be foolish and self-defeating to renounce the heritage of players like Totti and De Rossi, it is a priceless heritage from the media and emotional point of view,” he said.

“How can we be so stupid to give up something like that?”

“I explained to the Americans how Totti was better known than Roma; above all by the supporters. Nothing is further from the truth that we wanted to remove Totti.”