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Roma star beats off Rolex thieves

Cristante, Roma
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AS Roma star  Bryan Cristante reveals how he literally beat off would-be attackers who tried to steal the watch off his wrist.

It appears footballers are learning to fight back, after another attempted jewelry robbery. This time on Roma midfielder  Bryan Cristante.

The Serie A player revealed how one robber got in his vehicle and tried to grab the Rolex off his wrist.

But Cristante was not about to be a victim, and much like his recent Adidas promotion was ready to do “battle.”

In an interview with Il Messaggero, he reveals how he beat his attacker until he gave up and left with his tail between his legs.

The 25-year-old Italian international said:

“It was 10:30 am and I was in my car waiting between Viale Angelico and Viale Delle Milizie for the red light to change.”

“All of a sudden a person with a helmet tried to get into my car, grabbed my wrist, and tried to steal my watch.” 

“I reacted by punching his helmet twice, which split the visor.”

“The robber fell to the ground and I could see he didn’t know what to do before an accomplice arrived on a T-Max scooter and they drove away.”

Unfortunately, Cristante is not the first football star victim, but there have been others like him who have fought back.