Roma VP speaks about Totti’s decision to leave

According to Mauro Baldissoni, the legendary footballer needs a change in his career to become a great football director.

After 30 years with Italian Lega Serie A club Roma, Francesco Totti has decided to leave the team.

And today, vice-president Mauro Baldissoni has talked about the subject, trying to clarify many of the rumors surrounding his goodbye.

“I believe that first of all you need to take a broader look at, something that probably deserves a deeper analysis, at the moment when any great footballer,” he told the club’s official website.

“And, in Francesco, we are talking about probably the greatest player in Italian football history.”

“He has to become something else, whatever that might be. It is not an easy transition, and it is not a quick one, and it usually means a learning process where you are helped by others along the way,” he added.

“We were always very aware of this, we were convinced that we needed to be patient and wait for him, not looking to impose things on him.”

Marcelo Brozovic, Inter Milan, Serie A

I still need to improve: Marcelo Brozovic

According to Inter Milan midfielder Marcelo Brozovic, he has matured, but he needs to improve in his defensive skills.

“As he said himself yesterday – and where possible, I want to try and use the words he did – perhaps for him in the first year it was difficult for him to get his head around everything that was happening,” he said.

“Because of that we are all disappointed to hear his perception of things, that he was not really – to use his words again – given the chance to express himself.”

“But he himself acknowledged that he had suggested the choice of Claudio Ranieri to replace Eusebio Di Francesco, and despite other opinions among the directors and those in the technical sector, that was the suggestion the club agreed upon – that that was the best choice,” the vice-president concluded.


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