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Román Torres announces opening a Football Academy in Panama City

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Sounders defender Román Torres has announced he is opening a Football Academy named after him in Panama City.

Torres arrived Panama City last week and announced the inauguration of the Román Torres Football Academy, which will help children from high-risk underprivileged communities in Panama.

“It’s a dream I’ve had since I was young,” said the Panamanian national team star during the press conference.

“I grew up, like them, in a neighbourhood where hope is low, where people who had less than I gave everything to help the kids.”

The academy will start operations by sponsoring 50 kids from the Panama City neighbourhoods of El Chorrillo, Curundú and Barraza, high-risk areas in the city. The sponsorship will cover a child’s registration, monthly fee, uniform and gear.

“Today, I hope to pave the way for many talented children in the neighbourhoods who only need an opportunity and guide,” said Torres according to SoundersFC website.

Torres was named in Panama’s preliminary squad ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.