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Roma’s Schick on the impact of a mental coach

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Roma’s forward Patrik Schick has admitted his mental coach has been ‘important’ so far in his career.

Schick has started experiencing an upturn in fortunes in recent times since his €42m price tag with three goals and two assists in the last four games.

And at the same time, he hired a mental coach to help him improve his performances.

“I don’t think I suffered from the pressure at the start,” the Czech told Football Italia.

“There were some beautiful but also difficult moments. I wasn’t in perfect condition when I arrived, then I was injured for two months.

“With respect to Samp, Roma are bigger, but I don’t think that was the problem. There are moments then like when we knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League, which I have beautiful memories of and will carry with me all my life.

“I wanted to change something because I knew I could do a lot better. I’m trying to do everything possible.

“I want to help the team, I’ve felt good in the last few weeks and I’m in the right condition. When there’s confidence in you, you play better. I feel better than I did last season.

“Mental coach? I’ve been with him for two or three weeks. I don’t think I’ve started playing better because of him, but it’s important to talk to someone about everyday life and just not football because then when you’re not free mentally, you can’t give your best.

“Only you [journalists] wrote and talked about me leaving. I want to stay at Roma and play here.

“Dzeko and I know we haven’t scored so much, but it’s not just a problem for us strikers. We all have to improve and then the strikers will score more goals.

“The Champions League race? I’m not afraid of anyone. We’re only focused on ourselves. If we win all our matches, we mustn’t think about the others.”