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Ronaldinho wants Messi’s number ’10’ retired at Barcelona

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The Brazilian legend doesn’t want anybody else to wear Barcelona’s number ’10’ shirt after Lionel Messi hangs up his boots, he also wants Neymar back.

Watching Ronaldinho Gaucho playing for Barcelona was pure joy, him alone was the main responsible for the Catalan club’s revival when everything seemed lost and he was the player who gave Leo Messi his first ever assist at the club. The Argentine player inherited Dinho’s number ’10’ shirt and we could not imagine anybody else wearing it after him, not even the Brazilian himself. Now that he’s retired from football altogether, it’s a lot harder to watch him in public making an appearance and he is always sorely missed by everybody who experienced his magic with the ball. So every time we get a chance to hear or read an interview featuring Ronaldinho, we are always very curious of the things he has to say about his beloved FC Barcelona and many of the players that are important to him right now. Naturally as it should be, Ronaldinho always likes talking about Lionel Messi and his magnificent career, one that is getting closer and closer to its final years.

Just like any of us football fans who love watching Messi every week playing for Barcelona, Ronaldinho doesn’t like to think that the Argentine is close to retiring and he starts wishful thinking about the possibility of keeping him young forever so he can never retire. Just like any of us would agree, Dinho wants Messi to play for Barcelona for another 20 years as he wants to keep enjoying his football. The Brazilian legend also loves to reminisce about the glory days and talking about his beloved club’s present days, he really believes that this will be a good season for Barcelona because of all the good signings that just arrived. Ronaldinho is particularly happy with the Brazilian take over that is happening at the club right now, he considers Philippe Coutinho as one of the world’s best players and has very high hopes for both Arthur and Malcom. But talking about Messi is what lights up Ronaldinho’s eyes, as it should be with anybody who loves football.


“Messi is the best player in Barcelona’s history, what he has done throughout all these years is something nobody has done and that makes him the best. I wish he would continue like this for another 20 years. For everybody who loves football like I do, we would love to have Messi at this level for many years to come. It is hard to say if he is the best payer in history because there have been many different eras. Pele was Pele during his time, as Maradona has been during his, Zidane in his and Ronaldo (the Brazilian) in his. But there is no question that Messi is up there as one of the greatest in history. Actually, when Messi retires which I hope is a long time from now, he can leave the number ’10’ shirt and no one should ever touch it again. As far as Neymar goes, I still see him as one of the best players in the world and I like to see my friends being happy. But I do have to say that watching him play for Barça again would make me very happy, anything is possible in football,” said Ronaldinho during an interview for Mundo Deportivo.

On that last part about Neymar, Ronaldinho knows that his compatriot from PSG might not return to Barcelona ever again but he still remains hopeful. When asked about the time when assistant manager Juan Carlos Unzue famously warned Neymar about his lifestyle getting in the way of his success and compared him to Ronaldinho’s path, the Brazilian responded with a cheeky: “For me that is actually a very nice compliment, because that means that Neymar will someday become the best player in the world,” he responded with a large smile on his face. This last response to such a loaded question about his controversial lifestyle, is one of the best parts of Ronaldinho’s personality, as he will always smile back at life even through the rough patches.

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