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Ronaldo and Real Madrid reunion: the PROS and CONS

Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid
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It has been reported that the Portuguese is open to rejoining forces with the Spanish side, but will his return do more harm than good?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s current situation at Juventus has been a hot topic of discussion lately for the media and the fans alike.

For those who have been living under a rock, here what’s happening: Uncertainty has surrounded Ronaldo’s future. An exit from Juventus is mooted for the forward and he has been heavily linked with a move back to Real Madrid.

Juventus director Fabio Paratici has ruled out the superstar footballer’s departure saying the club are “holding on tight” onto him, so has vice-chairman Pavel Nedved saying “he can’t be touched”; but the rumor mill keeps on running.

It goes without saying that CR7 remains one of the best players in the world, having scored 30 goals in 34 appearances in club colors so far in 2020/21. Any team would be fortunate to have him – and not just from a sporting point of view but from a commercial perspective as well.

However, there are also certain arguments to suggest that Real Madrid resigning him might not be the wisest of decisions.

Amid all the speculations, Marca attempted to analyze whether their reunion would actually work in the favor of the club.

Among the pros are the obvious: Ronaldo remains a goal machine despite being in the twilight of his career. His winning mentality is on a completely different level, and it is contagious. Also, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner maintains a good relationship with Zinedine Zidane. Lastly, there’s the sentimental factor.

And now for the cons: He remains in top shape, but age is not on the 36-year-old’s side. With ‘Mr. Champions League’ come goals, but also “tantrums”, “anger”, and “gestures of frustration” and his desire to always occupy the center-stage. Then there’s his sizeable €20 million-a-year wages.

The biggest red flag of this operation would be that Ronaldo’s arrival could hinder Real Madrid’s chances of signing the stars of the future: Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.