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“Ronaldo can become a big problem for Pirlo in Juventus”

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During a chat about Juventus’ current situation, an Italian former player revealed he thinks Ronaldo will become a problem for Andrea Pirlo. 

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t quite given the results people expected from him at Juventus. Under Andrea Pirlo, everybody expects him to become the player people expected but things are taking a long time to manifest. A former player who is quite opinionated it Antonio Cassano, who always tells it like it is.

During a video chat with Christian Vieri, the former AS Roma player revealed he believes Cristiano Ronaldo is a nuisance instead of a great option for Juventus. Knowing how Andrea Pirlo would like to play, Cassano is convinced the coach has to sacrifice certain aspects of his philosophy due to Ronaldo’s presence.

This exact phenomenon happened at Real Madrid during the time he played for Los Blancos. We couldn’t see the best Karim Benzema or other players shine because they all played for Ronaldo. It’s not as if he wasn’t paramount to any club he represents in order to win matches, but he tends to monopolize the game. 

Cassano prefers Messi over Ronaldo. 

During his chat with Vieri via Goal, Antonio Cassano made the same comparison everybody makes about Messi and Ronaldo. He thinks Leo is more of the playmaker type, unlike Cristiano’s goal-scoring nature.

“Juve don’t need Ronaldo to win the Scudetto, they signed him to win the Champions League,” said Cassano. “And they haven’t yet succeeded. For me he’s a tactical problem for many coaches. You start 1-0 with him, but he lives just for the goal, it’s not like Messi who makes the team play well.

“Between Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Benzema, I take the last two to make the center forward to play the team. Ronaldo scores 30-40 goals, hats off, but in terms of the team: with Sarri he had difficulties, he doesn’t play between the lines, he plays in terms of the goal.”

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