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Ronaldo.com Awards: Champions League’s best  players 

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It’s time to discuss the very best players of the 2018-19 Champions League season, with this installment of the Ronaldo.com Awards.

The Champions League season just finished last Saturday, which means that we have a chance to finally deliver the Ronaldo.com Awards for the competition.

We published the nominees for each position in the tournament, then we got all of our readers to vote for their favorite player.

Now that the season is finally over, we get to give the award to each player and mention them here.

The voting went very well and we finally got the results after more than a week of voting.

There is an obvious tendency for each position on the pitch, but there definitely is a surprise amongst the final winners.

We give you the four winners of the Champions League Ronaldo.com Awards.

We encourage you to leave a comment about these players in the comment section down below.