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Ronaldo.com Awards: Top 5 Europa League defenders


Time to let you know which Top 5 defenders have been the selected for you to vote on the Ronaldo.com Awards for the 2018-19 season.

The Ronaldo.com Awards continue with the Europa League defenders, we will give you a Top 5 list of players that we’ve selected.

This award season starts at Ronaldo.com and we’ve already done the Top 5 European leagues this season.

However, we still have to go through the continental competitions, we just did the Europa League goalkeepers and now it’s time for the defenders to get some love.

We had a tough time selecting these players but we came up with a list that you will certainly like.

We are also aware that you may not agree with all the players we’ve selected, which is why we encourage you to drop your own selection in the comment section down below.

You will also get a chance to vote for your favorite Europa League defender on the last slide of this list.