Awards: Top 5 La Liga defenders this season

Let’s continue with our first annual Awards, we now move to the Top 5 best defenders in the Spanish La Liga this season.

The Awards continue with our picks for the Top 5 best defenders in the Spanish La Liga, we invite you to take your pick.

It has been an interesting season in which FC Barcelona has dominated the season and already won the title, but there have been other great players from the rest of the clubs.

We are going to talk about the best defenders of the season on this list where you will pick your favorite player.

Antoine Griezmann hits back at Neymar-Barcelona concerns

Antoine Griezmann has responded to allegations that Barcelona's reported pursuit of Neymar has left him feeling nervous.

We decided to select only five defenders from this position that include centre-backs as well as full-backs.

We invite you to participate in the voting process we selected for you through a poll on the last slide from this presentation.

We also encourage you to participate in the discussion down in the comments, let us know if you agree with this list or you want to add any player to this final selection.


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