Ronaldo equals Messi by winning fifth Ballon d’Or

Lionel Messi is no longer the only player who has won five Ballon d’Ors as Cristiano Ronaldo managed to do so today and he matched the Argentinian star by winning his fifth award.

Cristiano Ronaldo won that award for the second consecutive time in a row as he has had a very successful year so far – he managed to win the Champions League for the second time in a row with Real Madrid and his side were also crowned as the La Liga champions and the FIFA Club World Cup winners. He made his season even more successful by winning that valuable individual trophy.

The Portuguese star managed to beat second-placed Lionel Messi and third-placed Neymar and he was very happy to accept the prize as he said, according to ESPN: “I’m very happy. To get this prize in Paris is a great experience. It’s marvellous. It’s a great moment of my career. It’s something I wish I have every year.”

Kaka, Neymar, Brazil, PSG

Kaka: Neymar can lead PSG to Champions League glory

Kaka believes Neymar staying at Paris Saint-Germain could be a good thing as he can be the leader who leads the club to their first-ever Champions League title.

The former Manchester United player added that it was a great year for Real Madrid and it is the thing that he cares about the most: “We had a marvellous year. I was the [top] goal scorer of the Champions League, so I want to thank my teammates. They were important for me. And also thanks, everybody who helped me to be in great form during the season.”

Ronaldo has welcomed his fourth child last month and joked about equaling this number with the amount of Ballon d’Ors he has: “I want seven children and as many Ballons d’Or. As long as I play, I’ll have the ambition to win all I can. So, my dream is the fifth Ballon d’Or. And, next year, there will be another one to look for. For Christmas, I want a new baby. I’m kidding, it’s a joke!”


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