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Ronaldo facing criticism for leaving the stadium early after getting substituted

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, Serie A
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Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t having his best days at Juve as the 34-year-old is having some issues with Juventus’ new manager, Maurizio Sarri.

Juventus won the big match against Milan last night 1-0. However, Ronaldo wasn’t a big part of that win.

He played just 55 minutes, after which Paulo Dybala came on to replace the Portuguese.

His replacement, Paulo Dybala, scored in the 77th minute.

Ronaldo murmured something to Sarri while he was being taken off. The manager had to answer some akward questions after the match.

“In the last month he [Ronaldo] has had discomfort in his knee and this is a little problem for him,” Sarri stated, according to Standard.

“It’s only natural a player is going to be irritated about leaving the pitch, especially when he worked so hard to be there.

“All players who are trying to give their best will have at least five minutes of being annoyed when they are substituted, but a coach would in general be much more worried if he didn’t seem upset.”

This kind of beahvior won’t help the aging Ronaldo and some big decisions are in front of Sarri.