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Ronaldo has one chance to play vs Barcelona on Wednesday

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Despite the recent positive Covid-19 result, there’s still hope for Cristiano Ronaldo to play against FC Barcelona on Wednesday. 

We just reported on Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest positive Covid-19 result, one that could endanger his clash against FC Barcelona on Wednesday. The initial report suggested there is no chance for him to make it in time to face Messi at Allianz Arena. However, new information just came to light about the whole situation.

Sky Sport Italy reported that the Portuguese star will be given one last chance from UEFA to make it in time for this game. The recent positive test came out with an extremely viral load, which means it is mostly out of his system. This information gave Juventus a chance to appeal for another extension and a chance to present another negative test.

As a response, UEFA decided to agree on giving Cristiano 24 hours before the match to present this new result. Only after testing negative can Ronaldo get a green light to play against FC Barcelona. This is the only way. 

Ronaldo could even play against Hellas Verona. 

As of right now, Cristiano Ronaldo will remain getting tested on a daily basis until the negative result comes. His medical team is taking extra special care of him with the Champions League match against Barcelona on the horizon. However, Cristiano also has a master plan to make it to this weekend’s match against Hellas Verona.

This can only happen if Cristiano also tests negative 24 hours before kick-off. According to our estimation, Ronaldo will have to present a negative test on Saturday at 9:45 pm local time. Juventus’ game against Hellas Verona will take place exactly 24 hours after that.

Cristiano’s intention with this is to arrive at the Champions League match against FC Barcelona with some rhythm of competition. It wouldn’t be fair for him to face Messi without having played at least once before his match against Barcelona. We will keep you posted on any development regarding Ronaldo’s tests.