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Ronaldo inspires Portugal’s new generation – Nike Football

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A new video released by Nike Football on Instagram expresses the love and passion of the Portuguese people as Cristiano Ronaldo backs them as an idol.

Ronaldo’s presence in the national team is a factor of motivation for the football supporters in Portugal because of his outstanding leadership.

Nike Football posted a new video featuring the Portuguese star player and unveiled the new national team jersey.

The video shows Cristiano Ronaldo along with other Portuguese athletes talking about what drives them to play for the national team.

“Playing for the national team is special because you’re not just representing your country but also your family, your friends, your childhood, and everything that you once dreamed of being”, says Ronaldo.

Different athletes describe their stories about wearing the national team jersey and what it means to represent the nation.

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Ronaldo has always influenced his fans and the entire nation is encouraged by his hard work, love for football, determination to win, and his life-story.