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Ronaldo is helping Juventus pick the new players

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We will tell you all about how Cristiano Ronaldo will directly influence Juventus’ upcoming transfer market activity during the summer.

Now that we know from Cristiano Ronaldo himself that he is not going anywhere next summer, we can start speculating on Juventus future.

The Italian giants just lifted their eighth consecutive Serie A title but their ultimate goal is to win a Champions League trophy while Cristiano is still around.

The Portuguese forward finished the season utterly disappointed after the Vecchia Signora got humbled by AFC Ajax in the quarterfinals.

When the Italian giants won the domestic league title last weekend, Ronaldo himself silenced all rumors about his future.

A journalist asked the player if he was going to remain in the club 100%, to which the forward responded that he was staying 1000%.

There no way of getting more clear than how Ronaldo did it at that moment, all the club needs to do now is start planning for next season.

Getting the best possible players for Ronaldo won’t be easy and the club has even accepted suggestions from the player himself.

There is a number of players who are reportedly being scouted by the club as we speak.

These names are either former teammates of Cristiano or talents whom the star would love to have beside him next season.

The former teammates

According to Il Corriere Dello Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo has made a specific request to bring two former Real Madrid players on board for next season.

The first one would be a massive defensive addition to the squad, French defender Raphael Varane.

We’ve already reported the situation between the Frenchman and Zinedine Zidane is all about.

We have a player who feels like he doesn’t have anything new to offer the club and would be looking for a new challenge to continue his career.

Raphael Varane has already won several collective trophies with Real Madrid and there really is nothing more appealing for him to at the club.

The other former teammate that Ronaldo has reportedly requested is Spanish playmaker, Isco Alarcon.

The Spain international would be a far easier objective for Juventus as he isn’t considered one of Real Madrid’s essential players.

Perhaps Zinedine Zidane held him on high regard in the past but the player has lost a lot of credit during his recent seasons.

Isco has taken criticism from all over the local media for not being committed enough to Los Blancos’ cause.

This season, in particular, has been especially complicated for him.

Appealing new talents for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo has also been scouting the market in search for new talents who can help Juventus in the upcoming season.

The Portuguese forward has found a pleasant surprise in local striker Moise Kean this season but he wants more players up front to accompany him.

The most obvious choice has a double meaning for Ronaldo’s wishes, as he believes Joao Felix is the best option for Juventus.

However, the star also wants to keep a closer eye on the young Portuguese forward because he could also be his successor in the national team.

Other players who could come to Juventus with the Ronaldo seal of approval are Italian youngster Federico Chiesa and Greek defender Kostas Manolas.

But the most desired player by almost every single giant European club has to be Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt.

The Ajax young skipper made Cristiano Ronaldo suffer in the Champions League and he is one of the new talents that impressed him the most.

Landing De Ligt would be a very complicated task for Juventus.

The Italian giants would be competing against virtually every European club for his transfer during the summer.

Which of these Ronaldo requests are more appealing to you for Juventus’ new project? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.