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‘Ronaldo is insane’ Saha gobsmacked by CR7’s workout routine

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Louis Saha learnt the hard way Cristiano Ronaldo was one of a kind player. He once tried to copy CR7’s training routines but couldn’t keep up.

Cristiano Ronaldo easily has one of the best work ethics we’ve seen from a footballer, if not the very best. Louis Saha is the latest footballing name to echo those thoughts.

The pair played together at Manchester United for a five-year period from 2003-2008. In the span of his career, Saha has played with some of the most decorated players for both country and club.

For a player who has played alongside the likes of Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry, it is a big claim to say none could match to Ronaldo and his tireless work ethic.

Everywhere he’s been, CR7 has become a player even other footballers look up to and try to emulate. Throwback to Manchester United when Nani looked to try and mirror the playing style of Ronaldo. Not surprisingly, he failed and admitted he couldn’t be like his compatriot.

Louis Saha has now revealed he also tried to copy Ronaldo’s training regime. In no time, he realized he wasn’t up to the task.

“That guy is insane,” Saha said about Ronaldo during an interview with The Athletic.

“If the session was at 10 am, I would arrive at 9 am, do my stuff. He would be there at 8.30 am doing his [injury] prevention and all that work, elastic band around his ankles.”

“It was all about dribbling, two full pitch-lengths, super-fast,” he continued.

“I couldn’t keep up. After two or three times back and forth I was out of breath. The guy was so natural but as well as talent, he has an enormous desire to work hard.”

Ronaldo might be 35 years of age now but Saha is convinced the forward has kept to his ‘insane’ training schedules.

“After a session, do that? I am sure he is doing the same today.”

Now at Juventus, It’s no surprise CR7 continues to maintain a prolific goal-scoring record while adapting his game to keep performing at the top level.

It would be difficult to find another player that could keep up with Ronaldo’s dedication on and off the pitch.