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Ronaldo isn’t worried about retiring any time soon

Gianluigi Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, Real Madrid
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In the spirit of answering the question we’ve all been asking for years, Ronaldo finally responded if he will retire by the time he is 40.

Cristiano Ronaldo is already 34 years old, this age has brought a lot of different questions about retiring as a veteran player.

He is not getting any younger and his case cannot be compared to others because of how unique his physique has been preserved over the years.

Ronaldo is not only a freak of nature by design, but the man is also one of the most disciplined athletes in history.

The fact that he is already his age and he still looks like he is 25 years old is very telling of how blessed he is by nature.

So, we do believe him when he said that he would retire from playing football until he is 40 years old.

However, recent statements prove that not even Ronaldo knows how much longer he will play.

He is not worried about his physique, what keeps him up at night is the fact that he may wake up one day and simply decide to not play football anymore.

This career path that Cristiano chose is closely tied to motivation, he won’t continue playing football if he doesn’t feel the passion to do it anymore.

Fortunately for everybody who loves watching him play, Ronaldo is still very motivated to keep going and we will have him playing at the highest level for a while.

This man could even top some of the most seasoned veterans in football history, his career could go well past 25 years.


Ronaldo could emulate other great football legends.

Much in the spirit of previous football legends who finished their careers near the 40-year-old line, Cristiano Ronaldo agreed to play in Italy exactly because of how well they treat veterans over there.

We can talk about many players who decided to finish their career in Italian football and played until they were 40 or just below that age.

Gianluigi Buffon still hasn’t retired, he is actually trying to win the Champions League next to Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

Other players we could mention are Paolo Maldini, Francesco Totti, Javier Zanetti, or even Ryan Giggs.

Looking at Cristiano and how seriously he takes his career, we can easily picture him making this difficult decision to retire by the time he is 40 or even beyond.

We can also tell you that we don’t think any other player in football history has the physique that Cristiano does today, most of the players we mentioned started struggling with pain in their joints after they passed 33.

Save for Paolo Maldini who remained in top shape until the day he retired, no other player was as strong as Cristiano is at his age.

The best part of all this is that we are still looking at a very prolific striker, one who could easily get past the 800 goal line sometime in the future.

The Portuguese player spoke to Marca on Monday right after the award ceremony, he touched on many different topics that varied from Neymar to Juventus’ chances of winning the Champions League.

One question that called our attention was the one about his possible retirement, Ronaldo is no longer defiant when he is asked about the day he will hang up his boots.

Instead of sounding obsessed as he was before when people asked him this question, it appears Ronaldo has taken a new outlook in this aspect of his career.

“I’m not worried at all in that aspect of retirement because it will depend a lot on what I feel at the time,” said Ronaldo to Marca.

“It will depend mostly on my motivation because my physical condition will never be a problem.”

“Well, kind of. You have to take care of your body until you are past 40 and I honestly don’t think that will be a major factor in my career.”

“Life is this way, everything has a beginning and an end. Cristiano won’t last throughout all his life, that is logical.”

“But I do have to say that I still feel quite strong to keep winning important trophies for a long time.”

How old will Ronaldo be when he decides to retire? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.