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“Ronaldo lost and Real Madrid lost when he left the club”

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During his extensive conversation with Ibai Llanos, Sergio Ramos opened up about Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Real Madrid in 2018. 

Sergio Ramos just said out loud what we all think about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid. The Portuguese forward made the decision to play for Juventus because Florentino Perez allegedly refused to pay him what he wanted. As a result, Los Blancos haven’t been nearly as successful as they were with the legend. But Ronaldo is also suffering the consequences of his own decisions.

Last Tuesday, he got eliminated from the Champions League for the third consecutive time. Juventus simply hasn’t been able to give him what he had as a Real Madrid player. The Spanish giants are simply a different type of institution, the most successful in the competition’s history with 13 titles. Even though they also lost the greatest player in their history, Florentino understands no name is greater than the institution.

Ramos thinks both sides lost. 

As we go through the third year of the Ronaldo and Real Madrid divorce, Sergio Ramos said what the world is thinking. We all know that Cristiano leaving was a massive mistake on both sides. The club is not the same without Ronaldo and vice versa, it’s simple math.

Sergio revealed his thoughts during the latest streaming with Ibai Llanos on Twitch: “Cris lost and Madrid lost [when he left]. I wouldn’t have let him leave because he is one of the best and he would have brought us closer to winning [big trophies]. These are relationships that have to be for life, it has to be a team fusion. He is a decisive player who helped us win.”