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Ronaldo models himself after Nobel Prize winners

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, Serie A
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal life never fails to amaze, as the Portuguese has a reputation of a man determined to improve each day.

In a big interview with France Football, Ronaldo gave us an interesting tidbit about him.

While we know that Ronaldo is a workhorse, we didn’t know he’s also philosophical.

Ronaldo mentioned he reads about Nobel Prize, looking for ways to improve himself through their mindset:

“I like to read things on the Nobel Prize – who has invented, generated, created or developed something.

“The Nobel Prize for these guys is like the Ballon d’Or for me. I like to know why they invented something and how they did it. It helps me get better”

By the state of things, Ronaldo will have to do a lot of reading. Juventus’ ace scored just five goals in Serie A this season.

This isn’t a good sign, along with his latest outburst after getting substituted against Milan.