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Ronaldo Nazario scored his best goal 23 years ago today

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We decided to stay on Ronaldo Nazario because he scored his most impressive goal, he did it exactly 23 years ago to this day.

Ronaldo Nazario is one of the best players in football history, he scored hundreds of goals throughout his career but none as impressive as the one from 23 years ago.

While there are several incredible moments that Ronaldo Nazario lived before he suffered that terrible injury, we have to say that his year at FC Barcelona was his best without question.

This was Ronaldo Nazario at the peak of his powers, when no defender could stop him and everybody was afraid of what he could do.

This La Liga match took place between Compostela and FC Barcelona, Ronaldo was only starting to show the world what he was capable of doing.

There are many goals in football history that are considered amongst the best, the one that quickly comes to mind is Diego Maradona’s against England in the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

These types of goals are considered the most spectacular due to the level of difficulty that they require in order to be scored.

Getting past a large number of defenders from midfield has to be one of the hardest things to do in football, and scoring a goal after that is practically impossible.

These types of goals are reserved only for a select group of players, Maradona did it ten years before Ronaldo, but the Brazilian’s goal was just as spectacular.


Ronaldo was coming fresh out of a spectacular spell with PSV Eindhoven from the Netherlands, he replaced Romario in spectacular fashion.

Following the same path as his compatriot, nobody believed that this youngster would be capable of playing better football than the former Barcelona star.

But Ronaldo seemed determined to prove his worth as soon as possibly could, he immediately started scoring goals for Sir Bobby Robson’s squad.

This is the year in which Jose Mourinho met Ronaldo and fell in love with his football, the Portuguese manager decided no other player was better than him during that season.

At the start of the tournament, Ronaldo didn’t score too many goals but this match against Compostela is where everything changed.

This is where the whole world realized that the best player alive at the time was playing for Barcelona.

The match was already 2-0 after goals from William and Giovanni, who was assisted by Ronaldo on the second goal.

The Brazilian was too far from the box to try anything crazy and he had two defenders on him at all times.

He didn’t care about the setting of the moment, he passed through at least five defenders with speed and raw dribbling skills.

You can watch the goal on repeat for days, and it never gets old. This is the type of achievement that compares Ronaldo Nazario with Diego Maradona to some respect.

Barcelona’s regrets after one season with Ronaldo.

That goal he scored against Compostela was one of the biggest highlights of Ronaldo Nazario’s impressive season, he won La Liga and scored 47 goals in all competitions.

Out of all those screams, 34 of them were in the domestic tournament.

This record from Ronaldo wouldn’t be matched again until Lionel Messi scored the same number of goals during the 2009-10 season for FC Barcelona.

The Blaugrana’s board of directors were extremely incompetent in the way they handled Ronaldo Nazario after this incredible year.

Historically, FC Barcelona’s presidents have a dark history of not treating their biggest players in the way they deserve.

This was the same case with the Brazilian, who didn’t hesitate to leave after the club denied him the wage he requested.

We saw Ronaldo blossom into an even greater player at Internazionale Milano, but far away from Spanish football stadiums.

We did get to watch him return when he played for Real Madrid, but he was never the same after the ACL injury he suffered when he was playing in Italy.

That type of goal Ronaldo scored against Compostela, was a skill showcase we never saw from him again.

What’s your best memory of Ronaldo Nazario playing at FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.