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Ronaldo Nazario suffered PTSD before the 2002 WC final

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Ahead of the 2002 World Cup final between Germany and Brazil, Ronaldo Nazario revealed he was scared to get another epilepsy attack.

Ronaldo Nazario is still considered by many as the best centre-forward who ever lived, but he went through a rough time between 1998 and 2002.

During the World Cup in France, the Brazilian striker was widely considered as the best player in the world and all the pressure was on his shoulders.

His side reached the final against France thanks to his goals and outstanding overall performances.

However, the day of the final was very different because Ronaldo suffered an epilepsy attack during the night before the big game.

By the time the game was about to start, the Brazil doctors advised him not to perform but he didn’t listen.

As a result of this decision, Ronaldo Nazario wasn’t his better self and Zinedine Zidane completely stole the show.

Many conspiracy theories have been talked about since that day, but Ronaldo is the only one who holds the truth about what caused these attacks.

All he knows is that he finally got his revenge four years later, he was the hero of the 2002 final in Japan against Germany.

However, Ronaldo still suffered before this crucial game due to the PTSD he had from 1998.

“I think people like conspiracy [theories],” said Ronaldo during an interview for The Financial Times.

“So much bullshit. It was not my best game. But I was fighting. I was running. I was ready to play…”

“Some days you will not feel right and some days you feel great. It’s difficult to explain that.”

“You see Messi playing with Barcelona, and [how] he plays with the [Argentinian] national team. It’s completely different.”

“It’s not easy to play with the national team in big competitions. All the best players in the world are there, so it’s not easy to win a World Cup, especially when you play against France in Paris. All the stadium was blue.”

“In the final in Yokohama [in Japan], the match was at eight at night, the same time as it was in Paris.”

“After lunch, everybody went to sleep and I [thought], ‘I don’t want to sleep, f***.’ I was looking around for some people to talk to and I found [Brazil’s substitute goalkeeper] Dida, who was so sleepy.”

“I said, ‘No, you, please stay with me’ . . . I didn’t sleep that day, afraid something should happen again . . . Dida stayed with me the whole time.”

Ronaldo also triumphs as a club owner.

Now that his life as a professional player is long gone, Ronaldo Nazario has been making a pretty good life for himself as a businessman.

However, the Brazilian legend still wants to remain tied to the football life and he decided to invest in La Liga club, Real Valladolid.

As a major contributor for the Spanish squad, Ronaldo became the owner and he vowed to help the Pucela squad avoid relegation.

After their victory at Rayo Vallecano last weekend, Ronaldo Nazario was finally able to celebrate his club staying in La Liga next season.

The former player was bussing with excitement for reaching his target and he promised more competitive players for the future.

During the celebrations, Ronaldo perhaps got a little too excited as he compared this new success to all the trophies he won as a player.

“You have given me the best day of my life… and I’ve already won a few things during my time.”

“Truly, you have given me enormous satisfaction… we have also suffered a lot this season.”

“We will remain in the First Division, damn it!” said Ronaldo to his players during the celebrations.

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